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Thomas Cook Airline Starts Its Services at London Luton Airport

London Luton Airport is becoming one of the most favorite platform of passengers for travelling. The authorities of LLA are continuously working on the different projects to facilitate the passengers. They are spending millions of dollars on the development of airport for the passenger’s convenience.  A crowd at the airport is increasing day by day and the record crossed 1.05 million in the month of March.

It has been reported that the rate of passengers increased 24.4% year-on-year. The increase marks the first time that more than one million passengers passed through the airport in March. The new airline companies are starting their services from London Luton Airport this year. The Thomas Cook airline has also welcomed to start its services from Luton airport to Ibzia, Menorca, Majorca and Corfu from summer 2017. Further network expansion has come from Blue Air starting flights to Turin from April 25.

Thomas Cook Starts Its Service At LLA

The Chief Executive of the airport said:

“The arrival of Thomas Cook is a very exciting milestone for the airport. Coming as we mark two consecutive years of growth, it is further evidence of Luton airport’s growing popularity among passengers. Luton airport is well set to continue its strong recent growth as we are making good progress with our £110 million transformation plans. Our redevelopment and expansion will not only create a more enjoyable experience for passengers, but also allow us to offer an ever-widening selection of exciting new destinations.”

A new airline company welcomed its services at London Luton Airport that is a very exciting milestone for the airport as well as for the passengers. The growing popularity of the airport forces them to take initiatives and start redevelopment plans for a better experience of the passengers at the airport.

Source: Travel Weekly
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                                     Cheap Parking Luton

Take Your Time and Choose the Best Meet and Greet Parking Service

Now-a-days, parking is not an easy task at London Luton Airport and this chore turns your excitement into problematic one. Parking at a crowded airport is a hazardous task for all the passengers. Travelling is the best part that makes you feel exciting and free from your daily tough routine. It is only possible when you plan it first and then expect that these plans will make your trip comfortable and soothing

What are the issues of parking a car on the same date of your departure?

  • High Rates
  • No availability of a service
  • No time to verify a service
  • Inefficient staff
  • Risk of flight delay
  • Unsecure parking compound
  • Damages of your vehicle upon your arrival

If you don’t hire a legit source in advance, then you have to face all the above mentioned problems at London Luton Airport. It is necessary to plan all the things in advance and take your time to verify the dependability of a parking service that you have booked for the safety of your vehicle.

Cheap Meet And Greet Luton

What are the advantages of booking Luton parking meet and greet in advance?

  • Cheap rates
  • Availability of a legit meet & greet Luton service
  • Get a time to verify the company via customer reviews
  • No damages
  • Security equipped parking compound
  • Proper assistance of a professional chauffeur
  • Efficient staff
  • Saves your precious time and money

With a little planning, it is not as much difficult as every traveller thinks before starting his journey. Firm planning is the best and ideal solution for the security of a vehicle in your absence. A little search will eliminate all the hassles from your entire travelling procedure and help you to turn your journey into exciting one again.

New Fears of LLA- Airport Reaches Its Capacity 10 Years Early

The rate of passengers is increasing day by day at London Luton Airport. Due to which there is a need of more facilities for the travellers. We all know that in the last few years, there are huge increment of passengers at the airport which makes travelling a difficult task. Luton Borough Council approved the near-doubling of passengers. The airport is already reaching its maximum annual threshold. But the local campaigners who have complained about more planes flying over heavily populated areas have been told that they are “optical illusion”.

At a recent district council committee meeting, Sandra Wood asked the airport bosses: “How near are you to increase the capacity of the airport?”

Fears of LLA

Operation Director, Neil Thompson said:

“I admitted that there had been “one big change” since the airport had received expansion approval to cater for 18 million passengers annually.”

Whereas, it had originally planned to reach the figure by around 2026-28, but now look, it could be as early as 2020 if not possible before.

He revealed:

“For this year, we will be just under 15 million passengers.”

The councillors and campaigners are worried that there is a need to expand the airport as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will further crowd our roads and skies.

A Spokesman said:
“The borough council receives £2.86 per passenger, there was little incentive to stop the airport’s continued growth. The current situation is that our application and concession agreement to run the airport allows us to increase capacity to 18 million passengers a year. We’ve just started a £110 million investment program to do that. We are focused on delivering that transformation and making sure the local community benefits from the new jobs and opportunities that are being created by the development of the airport.”

Due to increase in the number of passengers at London Luton Airport, the local residents and travellers are facing a lot of problems at the airport. Due to which, the Borough Council is trying to handle the situation and has planned to increase the capacity of the airport as soon as possible.

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                                Parking Luton


What to Do When So Many Parking Options Are Available In the Market?

It is very difficult to decide about a reliable and secure car parking in a parking industry. So, the first and the foremost concern of every traveller will be the presence of a service that makes your parking procedure smooth and easy. Due to increase in the number of passengers at London Luton Airport, travellers are demanding for multiple facilities which made the whole travelling and parking procedure difficult. The facility of multiple options confuses people to pick the right service for the security of your vehicle.

Parking Issue at Luton

There are two popular options that help you while choosing the best thing for the safety of your vehicle.

  • Meet and Greet Parking Service
  • Valet Parking Service

Now-a-days, these both services are quite popular among the travellers. But, if you hire airport parking at Luton with a legit source, then your car will be parked in a secure compound in your absence. It is only possible when all of the firms are living up to the expectations of customers.

The issues that the travellers face at the airport parking lot are :

  • Insufficient staff
  • Lack of professionalism
  • Unsecured parking compound
  • High parking rates

Don’t spoil your vacations and have a look on such recommendations to avoid the parking problems at London Luton Airport.

  • Understand the whole procedure of the selected company.
  • Don’t consider on-site parking for the safety of your vehicle.
  • Availability of value added service.
  • Confirm the dependability of the company.
  • Always check the policies of the company on the website.

No doubt, it is very difficult to determine which company is reliable. Spare a few minute extra and avail the most dependable source for the security of your vehicle.

Reserve Luton Parking Meet and Greet For Your Trip

If you are planning to drive in your own car towards the airport, then the best way is to book a parking service for a hassle-free start of your journey. It is obviously better than hiring a taxi which is out of budget for the majority of travellers. But, you cannot rely on simply driving, parking and flying because parking becomes difficult at London Luton Airport due to increase in the rate of the passengers. While parking at Luton airport, you have to pay a huge amount for a short or long term parking with an unknown parking provider that costs you higher than your travelling budget.

To start a stress-free trip, it is necessary to reserve meet and greet Luton parking for the sake of convenience. Meet and greet parking is a secure and cheap deal where a professional chauffeur parks your car in a secure parking compound.

Meet and greet parking

Why to book a budget-friendly car parking deal with a legit source?
Travellers always prefer to book a parking deal with a legit source for:

  • Enjoying a hassle-free journey
  • Meeting their travel budget
  • A secure car parking compound
  • A professional service

How easily you can book a parking deal at London Luton Airport?

  • Get recommendations from your family members or friends.
  • Read customer reviews on various parking company websites.
  • Go to the selected website of the company.
  • Select a parking deal and make reservation.
  • Get a confirmation email.
  • Use the service on the departure day.

The services that are offered by a verified parking provider allow you to save your time and effort. Follow all the above mentioned tips and make your journey comfortable and peaceful.